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We get our products manufactured from third party manufacturers under our own brand and market it through our network of dealers and distributors. Currently, our products are sold in South India and primarily Tamil Nadu. We enter into an agreement with the manufacturers for the production under our brand name.

Trivikrama Mosquito Coils

Currently, under “Rooster” brand, we provide value for money, coils primarily focussing on Household Insecticides Products. We test the products being manufactured by our third party manufacturers and also check the inputs used by them. Based on the test we prepare an analytical report on whether the products and inputs are approved or otherwise.

Rooster Brand

imgOur Subsidiary Company, CKM Homecare Solutions Private Limited, purchased the trade mark “ROOSTER” from Sun-Up Botanics Private Limited, Mumbai vide Deed of Assignment dated July 21, 2011. An application was made to the Registrar of Trademarks for entering the name of CKM Homecar e Solutions Private Limited in the Register of Trade Marks as proprietor of the trademark “ROOSTER”. Currently, CKM Homecare Solutions Private Limited is the proprietor of the trade mark “ROOSTER” bearing no. 365452 in respect of ‘Insect Repellent Preperations’ included in Class 5. The registration is valid upto August 28, 2018.

Trivikrama Agarbattis

Trivikrama Agarbattis is normally a incense stick covered with a blend of natural and chemical materials emitting fragrance when burnt. A soothing fragrance emitted by the Trivikrama incense stick makes the whole atmosphere pure.

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